Free Stock Palooza

So several months ago, I began trading and watching the stock market like a hawk. One easy way to not risk too much money upfront as I learn is by using stock brokers which offer free shares of stock for registering and referring friends!

The best stocks have come from FirsTrade, (FT) where we have seen shares of Microsoft, Beyond Meat, AMD, Snap Chat, and TEVA!

I will be honest I haven’t used the trading platform yet, but I am very interested in there DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) opportunity.

The easiest to begin using and just get a feel for the market is Robinhood (RH) which has a very simple user interface while still accomplishing what you need it to do.

They also have do options trading (I haven’t touched it) for the more seasoned stock traders.

The app I use the most (so far) is Webull (WB) which will give you two free shares of stock with your $100 initial deposit! I personally use Webull for trading because the information is more easily accessible in the same app, where I find FT and RH to be lacking. I have been told TD Ameritrade is one of the best and will be trying it soon, sadly NO FREE stock 🙁

When you register let me know which free share you get! Always interesting to see what the stock brokers are willing to give away for free to gain a new client!
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