Trading Day Review : 1-6-20 + Watchlist

Today was the first day of the 2020 trading year for me. I made a few small plays during the holiday week, but today began a self challenge to maintain 5% profits (average) on some larger (it’s all relative) trades from now until June.

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Last night I made a watchlist which include INPX, TNXP and CREG and this morning I was able to capitalize on two of three. (CREG was also able to be scalped, I just didn’t play it)


Made a quick morning scalp from .52-.54 I was nervous the entire time (Could have made more) but thankfully I didn’t hold too long, as they announced a reverse split (45-1) that has the stock trading in the .20 range.


This was a bag I got stuck holding, as my phone lost service for 11 minutes the day of the last spike, and I missed my 1.27 entry to 1.60 plus exit.
Today she slowly climbed continuing her trend upward, and I exited at 1.52 – It did spike to 1.58 but is currently trading at 1.51 after hours.

Tomorrow morning I will get started early 3:45am and start watching,


TNXP for a continuation especially if volume comes pouring in even higher than today, cleared out many tulip holders like myself today..

INPX the reverse split will reduce the float, and eyes are all over this already defintaley could be a huge scalping opportunity..

LLEX I thought the .50 mark was going to be it’s demise, topped out at .88 today, volume was massive at 33 million and float is around 77 million shares. Penny’s seem to be hot still!

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