Stock Market 101

So many of you have asked, “Where do I start?”

Today we will start out with which apps to download for stock trading, and how to use them along with some basic terminology.

What to download?
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This is what I will use for the images, from an Android phone. Once you download the Webull app the main page will be a generic “watch list” – You can add and remove stocks to watch there. Search for new stocks using the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner.
search stocks

Once you find the stock you looking for in this case, AMD, you can click the star in the upper right hand corner, this will turn yellow and add it to your watch list.

Also from the stock quote page, you can see the current price (or closing price) highlighted in purple, or the current “After Hours/Pre Market Price” highlighted in orange. If you would like to buy or sell the stock you are looking at you can click the blue trade button. The chart above is set to “daily” which means each “candle” is one day, you can also look at at “weekly”, “monthly” etc.. chart as well.

Below I would be purchasing 10 shares of Ford (F) on the NYSE for $4.50 per share using a limit order.
You can see the current price is $4.54 (purple)
This order is “GTC” good til canceled.
This order can be executed during “Extended Hours”
The total cost would be $45.00
I currently have 113.99 to spend
Once your “Limit” order is complete you can hit “buy” and then confirm your purchase on the next page. This order must execute at $4.50 or LESS.
buy or sell stock

Some terminology you will see using the Webull App:
“Limit” – An order which must be executed at the price you specify or better
“Market” – An order which will execute as soon as possible, as the current market price
“Stop” – An order which will execute as a market order, once the “stop” price is met
“Pre-Market” – Time from 4am-9:29am where the market is open but not all brokers participate
“Market Hours” – Time from 9:30am-4:00pm in which every broker is open for trading
“After Market” – Time from 4:01pm-8:00pm where market is still open, but not all brokers participate
“Extended Hours”– Time including both Pre-Market and After-Market hours.
“Positions” – Current stocks you own, or have a position in

search stocks
Clicking the middle bottom button, the Webull logo, which looks like bull horns, will take you to your brokerage account page, and show you which stocks you own with profit and loss, as well as your performance and additional information.

So this will hopefully at least get you comfortable on the app, if you have issues or have specific questions reach out 🙂 You can reach me on Facebook Messenger at

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